Electrical Inspection and Testing

Electrical Inspection and Testing

We are specialists in carrying out all elements of domestic inspection and testing and routinely conduct in depth technical assessments of a properties fixed wiring installation, to assess its suitability for continued use.

What type of Inspection and testing do we do?

The main type of  inspection we do is an Electrical Installation Conditions report or EICR for short, these are often requested on the sale of a house or required by Landlords every 5 years for their rental properties. During the test we inspect the full property visually for any signs of “mechanical damage” such as cracked and broken fixtures and fittings such as sockets and light switches. We check the suitability of fixtures and fittings for the environment they are installed in, for example are downlights in a bathroom suitable for the steam and mist given off from a shower (something referred to as Ingress Protection rating ot IP rating). A common fault is people clipping regular twin and earth cable to the outside of a building which is against regulation as overtime the cable will breakdown as a result of UV penetration from the sun.

We then take about your fuse board / consumer unit and test each circuit individually for the following:

  • Insulation resistance - This involves sending a test voltage of between 250V- 500V down the wires, a low reading is an indicator of damage to the wires or water ingress. In old properties with a low IR reading the report may recommend a partial rewire. 
  • Continuity - Here we test to make sure the earth or CPC reaches the end of the circuit to ensure the whole circuit is protected, instead of only half as there is a loose screw on a lighting circuit for example. 
  • RCD trip times - Your RCD protects your circuits and adds an extra level of protection  against neutral earth faults and these need to trip within a permitted time in order to be effective.
  • Earthing arrangements - Does the installation have the relevant size earthing and bonding conductor in relation to BS7671, we test to make sure metallic pipes entering the building have an earth bond which goes back to the consumer unit or Main Earth Terminal MET.

Based on the findings during the inspection you will receive the following outcome, either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. As the name suggests a satisfactory report states the installation is safe for continued use, there may be some advisory comments on there that may recommend improvements but overall its ok, these advisories will be coded C3. An unsatisfactory report has found a number of faults which could pose a risk to the resident and will be coded with C1 or C2. A property cannot pass with any C1s or C2s. 

At DH4 Electrical we appreciate that it is a stressful time selling a house or renting a property and we will aim to pass the property and if we find small C1 or C2 faults during the inspection which can be fixed immediately then we will do so upon consulting the client. An example of a common C1 fault is missing blanks (small pieces of plastic instead of fuses) in the fuse board.

  • Full or part rewires
  • Security sysytems.
  • CCTV.
  • Additional sockets
  • EICRs (Electical installation conditions report)
  • New lighting 
  • Upgrading of light and sockets
  • Fault finding 
  • Smoke alarms 
  • Cooker and electric hob installation 
  • Repair and servicing of equipment.
  • Electrical installation Conditions Report EICRs
  • Additional lighting .
  • Power sources and additional sockets
  • kitchen installations.
  • CCTV
  • Fire alarms 
  • Data points
  • Emergency Lighting
  • And more.....
  • EICRs
  • Periodic inspections 
  • Initial inspections 




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